Creating a Record from the Web Console


Commvault ObjectStore as an electronic document and records management system is deprecated from the Commvault software in Feature Release 19.

See End-of-Life, Deprecated and Extended Support - Features for information about deprecated features.

Use the Web Console to add records you want to manage with Records Management.

Before You Begin

For the record you want to add, have the following information:

  • The folder name and the UNC path to the folder.
  • The properties to assign to the record.

    You create the properties and the property values based on your records management needs. For example, you can create a "Department" property with "Sales" as a value.

    Note: Verify that your administrator assigned you the permissions to add, update, and delete custom properties.

  • The number of years the record should be retained.

    The minimum retention value is 1 year and the maximum retention value is 25 years.


  1. Log on to the Web Console using the credentials for the user associated with the Records Management ObjectStore client.

    Tip: To see the user associated with the Records Management ObjectStore client, in the CommCell Console, open the Client Computer Properties dialog box and click the Associated Users tab.

  2. From the My Applications page, click Records Management.
  3. On the Records Management page, click Add Record.

    The Add Record wizard appears.

  4. Follow the steps in the wizard to add the record.
  5. Click Finish.


The record is created and the contents of the UNC folder are backed up by the Records Management ObjectStore client. After the retention period you set is met, the contents of the UNC folder are pruned from both the UNC folder and the ObjectStore (data storage repository). However, the storage space for the pruned contents is not reclaimed from the secondary storage media. Support for reclaiming the secondary storage space will be available in future Service Packs.

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