Recall Log Monitoring Overview

With the Commvault Recall Log Monitoring solution, you can monitor the CommCell environment for recall patterns and recall auditing, and to reassess archiving rules for recall optimization. For example, if you notice that a file is being recalled too frequently, you can change the archiving rules for the file so that that the file is not stubbed immediately.

You can search and analyze file recall log data by using the Log Monitoring application available from the Web Console. In the application, dashboards provide graphical representations of the consolidated log activity in your environment. On the dashboards, log activity is arranged on a single screen so that you can monitor it at a glance. You can modify the default dashboard and you can create your own dashboards.

Recall Log Monitoring is fully integrated with Commvault Build Your Own Reports for importing data sources into the Report Builder dashboard and creating visualizations of your data.

Key Features

You can use the Log Monitoring application to perform the following operations:

Search and Analyze Log Files

You can search and analyze log files that have been content indexed by monitoring policies. Searches are automatically saved and can be reused when required.

Save Searches

You can choose to save your search results as tables or graphs and then add the results to a dashboard.

Alerts for Log Activity

You can set up email alerts to receive notifications when a specific log event occurs.

Upload New Log Files for Immediate Indexing

You can upload log files that were not previously indexed and have the content indexed immediately to perform search operations.

Visualize Data

You can quickly view the system-generated log data from clients in your CommCell environment using the predefined Operation Dashboard. The Operation Dashboard displays widgets that contain charts and depict data from the search options set in the System Created Policy configured for the dashboard

Recall Summary Report

Have one-click access to file recall statistics and trends, using the prebuilt Recall Summary Report.

Commvault Build Your Own Reports

Recall Log Monitoring is fully integrated with Commvault Build Your Own Reports tool for creating visual representations of your data to help discover valuable insights.

Supported Agents

The agents that the Recall Log Monitoring feature supports are as follows:

  • Windows File System
  • Linux File System
  • Solaris File System
  • Macintosh File System


Last modified: 1/15/2018 1:21:12 PM