Retrieving Disaster Recovery (DR) Backups From Cloud Storage Using Cloud Test Tool

If the Disaster Recovery (DR) backup is located in cloud storage, you can use the Cloud Test Tool and Media Explorer to restore the metadata.

Note: You cannot use the tool when the backup data contains deduplicated data. Contact the appropriate software vendor for help.


  1. Start the Cloud Test Tool. For more information on starting the cloud test tool, see Starting the Cloud Test Tool.
  2. Download the metadata from cloud storage. For more information on downloading the data, see Downloading Archived Data with the Cloud Test Tool.
  3. Retrieve DR Backups Using Media Explorer. For more information on retrieving data using Media Explorer, see Retrieving Disaster Recovery (DR) Backups Using Media Explorer.
  4. Recover the CommServe database files using Media Explorer. For more information on recovering the database files, see Recovering the CommServe Database Files Using Media Explorer.


The database files are now available for recovery.

What To Do Next

Restore the CommServe database on the new CommServe host using the CommServe Recovery Assistant tool. For more information on restoring the CommServe database, see Recovering the CommServe Database Using the Recovery Assistant Tool.

Last modified: 10/1/2019 10:14:08 AM