Analytics in Web Console

Discover meaningful insights and unleash your data's full potential with our analytics software. Analyze your data to gain insight to the underlying processes and meaningful patterns to gain a business advantage.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics allows you to view statistical information about the unstructured, Big Data in your environment, such as files and emails. With this information, you can quickly assess the current state of your Big Data, take actionable steps to retrieve valuable storage space, and mitigate the risk of compliance-related issues. For more information, see Data Analytics - Overview.

Data Cube

With Commvault Data Cube, you can collect the information residing in various data repositories throughout your enterprise. You can then reorganize the data, mine the data, and publish the data to your own apps with RESTful APIs to fit your needs. For more information, see Data Cube Overview.

NAS System Discovery

With the NAS System Discovery report, you can view detailed storage information about the supported Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices in your CommCell environment from the Web Console. Report information includes: volumes, LUNs, arrays, storage pools, available storage space, volume paths, and more. For more information, see NAS System Discovery Overview.

Enterprise Explorer

With Enterprise Explorer, you can collect information about the computers in your IT infrastructure. You can then use Data Cube to view several different reports about system events, hardware, virtual machines, and more. For more information, see Analyze Windows Resources with Enterprise Explorer.

Web Analytics

To improve the usability and the content of a website or application, it is important to understand how the site or application behaves when a user uses it to perform a task. Commvault Web Analytics lets you track the key performance indicators of your website or web application, such as web traffic, content search, accessibility, speed, and so on. Web Analytics also provides statistical information about the users of your website or application by converting the interactions of the users with your website or application into actionable insights. For more information, see Web Analytics - Overview.

Last modified: 10/24/2019 6:48:27 PM