Duplicate Files Report for Data Analytics

You can use the duplicate files report to identify duplicate files on clients or client groups in your environment. With the information provided in the duplicate files report, you can take appropriate action to reclaim storage space and mitigate compliance risks.

About the Duplicate Files Report

After an administrator has run a data analytics job for files on a client or client group, an analyst can access the duplicate files report through the file analytics dashboard in the Web Console. Information provided in the report includes:

  • A list of the identified duplicate files.
  • The path to each file on the source.
  • Total size of each duplicate file group.

Analysts can tune the report according to their needs by choosing which criteria to consider when identifying duplicate files, including:

  • File name
  • File size
  • Last modified time
  • Contents of the file

Duplicate file information is displayed in an intuitive interface.

Support for Duplicate Files Report

The Duplicate Files Report requires an Index Server that was configured in Version 11. Analytics Engines that are upgraded from a previous software version do not support the features of the Duplicate Files Report.

The Duplicate Files report is only supported for file analytics performed on the following data types:

  • File system
  • Mac

Getting Started

To get started, see Viewing the Duplicate Files Report.

Last modified: 3/16/2021 6:24:30 PM