Viewing the Duplicate Files Report

Use the duplicate files report to identify duplicate files on clients in your environment.

Before You Begin

  • You must have a user account that meets the requirements for viewing Data Analytics Reports. For more information, see User Requirements for Viewing Data Analytics Reports.
  • Your administrator must run data analytics on the client or client group from the CommCell Console.

    Note: The Duplicate Files Report requires an Analytics Engine that was configured on a version 11 MediaAgent. Analytics Engines that are upgraded from a previous version do not support the features of the Duplicate Files Report. For more information, see Running an Analytics Job.


  1. Open the duplicate file report for the client or client group that you want to view:
    1. Log in to the Web Console. See Accessing the Web Console.
    2. Under My Applications, click Analytics.
    3. Click File Analytics.
    4. In the Client Computers or Client Computer Groups table under the Action column, click Duplicates.

      The duplicate files report for the selected client or client group appears.

  2. Click the Plot Duplicate By box and select the criteria you want to use to identify duplicate files:



    File Name

    Files with identical file names and file extensions are listed as duplicates.

    File Name and Modified Time

    Files with identical file names, file extensions, and last modified time are listed as duplicates.

    File Name, Size, and Modified Time

    Files with identical file names, file extensions, last modified time, and file size are listed as duplicates.


    Files with identical content are listed as duplicates. Other file attributes, such as file name or size, are ignored.

    The duplicate files list updates according to your selection.

  3. Optional: Enter keywords into the search bar to search for specific files. You may also add wildcards, such as * or ?, to your search terms.

    Search results will only include matches to file names.

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