Locating Duplicate Files with the Duplicate Files Report

Use the path information provided in the duplicate files report to locate duplicate files on clients in your environment.

Before You Begin


  1. Open a duplicate file report and select the criteria for identifying duplicate files. See Viewing the Duplicate File Report.
  2. Click the plus icon to the left of the file name.

    Path information for the first five duplicate files appear under the file name. File size and modified time information also appear.

  3. If a file has more than five duplicates, under the Count column click View All.

    The listing view appears.

  4. Optional: In the listing view, select refinements or enter keywords into the search bar to locate specific files. You may also add wildcards, such as * or ?, to your search terms.

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To email, print, schedule, or save the report, see Data Analytics - Export Options.

Last modified: 10/11/2018 8:20:01 PM