Discovery View for Data Analytics

The Discovery view provides you with more options to refine, filter, and search the information in file and email analytics reports. With the Discovery view, you can create a custom view of the data in your environment to see analytics information the way you want and take action to reclaim storage space.

About the Discovery View

After an administrator has run an email or file analytics job, an analyst can access the discovery view through the file or email analytics dashboard in the Web Console. From there, analysts can filter the information using a facetted search interface with refinements gathered from the metadata in the analyzed files or emails, including:

  • CommCell job number
  • Client name
  • Size
  • File type
  • Archived status
  • Modified Time
  • Mailbox ownership
  • Attachment information
  • Received Time

Once the view has been filtered and drilled down to only the information that you need, you can view and export a list of the items included in the Discovery view and their location on the client or email server.

Information in the Discovery View is displayed in an intuitive interface that allows analysts to quickly ascertain the state of a client or client group:

To get started, see Using the Discovery View for Data Analytics.

Last modified: 10/11/2018 8:21:33 PM