Accessing Data from Data Cube Sources

After you connect to your data sources and import data into Data Cube, you can access your data in different ways.

Search and Reports

Data Cube includes a default search interface that you use to search the data in your data source. You can also customize the view of your data by adding or removing data fields, formatting the data, and creating filters. You can create multiple reports for your data to customize the search to suit a variety of business needs.

For more information, see Searching a Data Source in Data Cube.

HTTP GET Request

Each data source has a unique GET API that you use to interface your data with a REST application. You can view example GET requests for each data source from the data source REST API page.

For more information, see Sending a GET Request to Data Cube.

Handler Query Builder

Handlers are form-based interfaces that you use to build complex queries that return slices of data from your Data Cube sources. You can create multiple handlers for each data source, and you can use the Search Federator to combine multiple handlers into a single data source.

For more information, see Data Cube Request Handlers.

Last modified: 12/12/2018 5:09:18 PM