Integrating Salesforce with Data Cube Sources

If you use Salesforce, you can integrate Data Cube data sources with your Salesforce account to make the data in your repositories available from Salesforce. And, although you can see Data Cube entities in Salesforce, the data remains in storage in your IT infrastructure and is not persisted in any way on Salesforce servers.

Before You Begin

  • Because you expose your data to an external service, verify that your Web Console with Data Cube is configured for secured access using HTTPS.

    For more information, see Configuring Secured Access for the Web Console.

  • Before you can integrate Data Cube data connectors with external services, you must crawl data sources. For information about connecting and crawling data sources, see Getting Started with Data Cube.
  • You must enable Lightning Connect for your Salesforce account. Lightning Connect is the technology that allows external data to appear within the Salesforce platform. For more information, contact your Salesforce account representative.
  • For this procedure, you will need the following information:
    • Salesforce account credentials
    • User credentials for a Data Cube user who has access to the data source that you want to integrate with the external service


  1. Open the Salesforce portal and create a new external data source.

    For more information, refer to the Salesforce help article, Define an External Data Source for Salesforce Connect—OData 2.0 or 4.0 Adapter.

  2. Enter the following information about your Data Cube data source into the Salesforce external data source fields.


    Required Value


    Select Lightning Connect: OData 2.0.


    Enter the following secure URL for your Web Console with Data Cube:


    Identity Type

    Select Named Principal.

    Authentication Protocol

    Select Password Authentication, and then enter the credentials of the Data Cube user with access to the data sources that you want to integrate with Salesforce.


    Note: All the data sources that are visible to the Data Cube account will be accessible to users from the Salesforce platform. To restrict the data sources that you want to integrate with Salesforce, create a new Data Cube user who has access to only the data sources that you want to integrate with the Salesforce platform.

  3. To complete the procedure, follow the Salesforce documentation.

Last modified: 3/12/2019 2:46:20 PM