Manage Data Sources in Data Cube

You can change the configurations of your data sources at any time to change or update source information.

Data Cube Configurations

After you create Data Cube entities, you can update the configuration options.

Data Connection Configurations

The data source configuration includes information that is used to connect to the data source. The data source configuration also contains options for crawling the data source.

To edit data source configurations or crawling options, see Editing Data Connection Configurations.

Data Handler Configurations

The data handler configurations include information that is used to query the data source in order to create a response object that contains a slice of the data source.

To edit data handler configurations, see Editing Data Cube Handler Configurations.

Share Data Cube Entities

You can share your Data Cube entities with other users. You can also assign permissions to give users full or limited control of the Data Cube shared entity.

Share a Data Connection

For information about sharing a data source with another Data Cube user, see Sharing Data Cube Data Connections with other Users.

Share Handlers

After you share a data source with other users, you can also share data source handlers with the other users, and assign permissions to give the users full or limited control of the handlers.

For information about sharing data handlers with other Data Cube users, see Sharing Data Cube Handlers with Other Users.

Clear or Delete Data and Data Sources

When you collect data in Data Cube, data from the data source is copied to a location on the Index Server. During subsequent collections of data, new data is copied from the source to the Index Server.

If you want to clean up the old information that is stored on the Index Server, you can clear the data from the Index Server for one or more data sources. Clearing data retains data source in Data Cube and removes the collected data. If you want to completely remove a data source, you can delete the data source.

For more information, see Clearing Data and Deleting Data Connections in Data Cube.

View Details About Previous Data Collection Operations

You can view details about previous data collection operations (also called data crawls) from the data source configurations page.

For more information, see Viewing the Crawl History of a Data Connection in Data Cube.

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