Editing Data Source Configurations in Data Cube

After you create data sources, you can edit the configurations from Data Cube.

Before You Begin

You must connect to at least one data source. See Connect to Data Sources.


  1. In a Web browser, log in to the Web Console and then click Analytics.
  2. In the left pane, click the connector group to view the data sources for that connector.
  3. On the Data Sources (connector) page, in the box of the data source that you want to edit, click Configuration.

    The data source page appears.

  4. To edit the data source configuration:
    1. In the Configuration section, in the upper right, click Edit.
    2. Edit the data source options, and then click Submit.
  5. To edit the scheduling configuration:
    1. In the Crawl Schedule section, in the upper right, click Edit Schedule.
    2. Edit the crawl schedule options, and then click Save.

      Note: The schedule timing matches the time on the Index Server that is configured for this data source.

  6. To crawl the data, click Start Crawl.

Last modified: 7/19/2018 7:53:04 PM