Restructuring Data in Data Cube

When you create data sources and import data into Data Cube, a copy of the data is stored independently from the original data source. You can edit, restructure, and manipulate the form of the data in Data Cube, without affecting the data in the original repository.

Note: If the software restructures the data for any of the following reasons, then you must disable the Incremental Crawling option on the data source in order to perform a full crawl of the data:

  • You change the data connection schema
  • You change the data connection primary key
  • You delete data

Data Blending

With data blending, you can combine data from two or more data sources into a single data source. Data blending is useful when you have multiple data sources that contain information about the same type of entity.

For more information, see Data Blending in Data Cube.

Entity Extraction

With entity extraction, you can uniquely identify special types of information, such as government-issued personal identification numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, financial data, and more. You can then visualize the amount of sensitive data that exists in your data sources.

For more information, see Configuring Entity Extraction in Data Cube.

Federated Search

With the Federated Search connector, you can combine similar data sources into a single data source in Data Cube. You can also specify handlers in Federated Search to return specific slices of data from your data source and to combine those slices into a single Data Cube entity.

For more information, see Combining Data Cube Connections with the Federated Search Connector.

Restructuring Data Connection Schema

The schema is the structure of a data source, and corresponds to the data fields (or columns) of a database table or other structured data source. After you collect structured data with Data Cube, you can edit and manipulate the schema for a specific purpose.

For more information, see Editing Data Connection Schema in Data Cube.

Last modified: 12/11/2018 10:56:00 PM