Analyze Windows Resources with Enterprise Explorer

The Enterprise Explorer is a tool for discovering data about Microsoft Windows resources in an enterprise environment. You can then view this information using interactive dashboards provided in the Analytics platform.

With Enterprise Explorer, you can view the following information about the Windows resources in your IT infrastructure:

  • Critical system events
  • Software installed on the computer, including Commvault software
  • Virtual server and virtual machine information
  • Hardware information, including memory and processors

How Does it Work

The Enterprise Explorer uses the Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) technology to collect data from Microsoft Windows clients in a domain. This information is then sent to the Analytics platform, where the information is processed into dashboard reports. End-users can view the information in the interactive Enterprise Explorer dashboards to gain valuable insights into their Windows environment.

The Enterprise Explorer can collect information about a computer regardless of whether or not Commvault software is installed on the computer.

Below is an example of the system report for Resource Crawler:

Getting Started

To get started, run the Enterprise Explorer program to collect information about your computers. For more information, see Collecting Data for the Enterprise Explorer Dashboards.


Last modified: 1/9/2018 7:09:00 PM