Restoring Data from a Backup Job in the Web Console

You can browse and restore data backed up under a specific job ID from the Web Console.


  1. From the Web Console, click My Data.
  2. Click the Computers tab.
  3. Click Settings for the computer containing the data that you want to restore.
  4. Under the Backup section, click Recent Backup Jobs.

    All the recent backup jobs run on the client computer in the last one year are shown in a table.

    Note: Synthetic full backup jobs are not displayed in the recent backup jobs list because the jobs are not run on the client computer.

  5. In the Time column, click the backup time to view the files backed up during that time.

    The files are listed on the Restore Files page.

  6. From the Restore Files page, navigate to the folder containing the data to be restored.
  7. Select the check boxes next to the data, and then click Restore to open the Restore Options dialog box.

    If your file is content-indexed, click on the file to view the contents in a preview window.

  8. Click Restore Now.

    You can view the current status of the restore job on the Restore section of the computer summary page.

Last modified: 4/9/2019 7:56:43 PM