Commvault Appliance A600 User Guide

As of Version 11 SP10, Commvault does not sell the A600, A410 or the A210 Appliance anymore. You can purchase the HyperScale 1.5 Appliance instead. For more information, see HyperScale 1.5 Appliance.

Commvault Appliance A600 is a comprehensive solution for extending data protection and storage capabilities of your Commvault platform. It provides simple configuration and management designed to meet your enterprise data protection requirements.

For more information on how to buy the appliance, see Backup Appliances.

The user guide for Commvault Appliance A600 describes the step-by-step process to configure the appliance as CommServe and MediaAgent.

You can also configure Commvault Appliance A600 in the MediaAgent role only. For more information, see Installing Commvault Appliance A600 as MediaAgent.

Key Features

The Commvault Appliance A600 enables backup and restores through several key features:

  • It can be scaled to protect enterprise-wide data.
  • Efficient and faster data backups and restores in comparison to other conventional tape devices and backup methodologies.
  • Data deduplication capability.
  • Streamlined and integrated management for disk and tape.
  • Continuous data protection for data center and remote office servers.


The Commvault Appliance A600 comprises the following components:


Install both the CommServe and the MediaAgent on the server as a comprehensive data protection and storage solution.

The CommServe is the command and control center of the CommCell architecture. It is responsible for managing the administrative functions. It handles all activity between agents, and communicates with MediaAgents when the media subsystem requires management.

The MediaAgent manages the transmission of data between clients and backup media. There can be more than one MediaAgent within a CommCell.

NetApp E-Series 27XX Storage

The NetApp E-Series is used as the disk storage. Each NetApp storage enclosure has either 6 or 12 drives. Each drive consists of 5 or fewer E2712 shelves, and each shelf contains twelve 2TB or 4TB disks.

You can configure multiple disk storage enclosures in your environment.

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