Changing the Settings of a Shared File and Folder

You can change the settings for a shared file or folder that is available from the Web Console on the My Data page, Shares section. The type of settings that you can change depend on whether you own the file or folder.


  • Add users to or remove users from a shared file or folder
  • Change the permissions of existing users
  • Change the expiry date for the shared file or folder.
  • Change or remove the password for the shared file or folder.
  • Stop sharing the file or folder.

Not an Owner

Remove the file or folder from your Shares list.


To change the settings of a file that was shared with me or shared by me, or is a public shared file, complete the following steps.

  1. In the Shares section of the My Data page, select the appropriate share method, point to the file or folder, and then click the Settings icon .
  2. Modify the settings for the share as required, and then click Update.

    For public share links, modify the settings, and then click Done.

Last modified: 9/10/2018 8:15:54 PM