qmodify schedulepolicy


This command associates or dissociates a given schedule policy to a client, iDataAgent, instance, backup set or subclient.

In the case of data protection schedule policies, you can only modify the schedule policies that were created for all agents or a group of agents.

In case of an error, an error code and description are displayed as: "schedulepolicy: Error errorcode: errordescription"


qmodify schedulepolicy [-cs <commserve_host_name>] -o <add|remove> -scp <schedulepolicy> [-c <client>] [-a <iDataAgent>] [-i <instance>] [-b <backupset>] [-s <subclient>] [-cg <clientgroup>] [-tf <tokenfile>] [-tk <token>] [-h]



CommServe host name


Operation to be performed on the client group


Schedule policy name


Client computer name


Agent type installed on the client computer (see Argument Values - Agent Types)


Instance name


Backup set name


Subclient name


Client computer group name


Reads token from a file


Token string


Displays help


Possible exit status values are:

0 - Successful completion.

1 - CLI usage failures, due to the use of an unsupported option or missing argument.

2 - Any other failure.


  • Associate a schedule policy scp1 with client cl1.

    qmodify schedulepolicy -o add -scp scp1 -c cl1

  • Dissociate a schedule policy scp1 from client cl1.

    qmodify schedulepolicy -o remove -scp scp1 -c cl1

  • Associate a schedule policy scp1 with client computer group Laptop Clients.

    qmodify schedulepolicy -o add -scp scp1 -cg "Laptop Clients"

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