qoperation execute


The qoperation execute command is used to execute any operation.

This command is applicable to all jobs, for example, admin, backup, restore, and reports. The QCommands to be executed are written in an .xml file, which is provided as input to this command. Parameters from the generated XML can also be specified along with the QCommand during execution.

You can use this command to run the XML files generated from the Save As Script option in the CommCell Console as well as user-created XML files.

The Save as Script option includes a batch (.bat) and .xml file. The batch file includes the qlogin, qoperation execute, and qlogout commands. The input to the qoperation execute command is provided in the generated XML file. This allows you to set any parameter from the generated XML file when running the batch file in the command prompt.

Note: When the SaveAsScriptForceUserLogin additional setting is enabled, users must enter their credentials when they run the qoperation execute command. For more information, see Forcing Users to Enter Credentials to Run a Saved Script.

Note: For the qoperation to create a new array for filer, the XML file should be generated using the Save As Script version 10.0 or higher.


qoperation execute [-cs <commserve_host_name>] [-af <argsfile>] [-req <request>] [-insert] [-tf <tokenfile>] [-tk <token>] [-h]



CommServe host name


input file


XML request (tag of the XML)


Insert the fields into XML


Reads token from a file


Token string


Displays help


Possible exit status values are:

0 - Successful.

1 - Client side error

2 - Server side error.


qoperation execute -af “a.xml”

where a.xml is the input file.

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