External URLs for Commvault Features

Your CommServe computer must be able to connect to the following external URLs for each of the following features.

All URLs in this table support HTTPS and can be accessed on port 443.




Cloud Metrics Reporting and Private Metrics Reporting


  • Send Metrics Reporting data to the Cloud Services website.
  • Download data collection scripts for both Private Metrics Reporting and Cloud Metrics Reporting.

CommCell Console Help buttons

  • documentation.commvault.com
  • kb.commvault.com
  • ma.commvault.com

View help topics and troubleshooting articles for Commvault software.

CommCell Registration on Cloud Services


Register the CommServe computer on the Cloud Services website.

Commvault Store


Download software such as reports, workflows, and alerts from Commvault Store.

Upload Disaster Recovery (DR) Backups to Commvault Cloud

  • cloud.commvault.com
  • cloudupload.commvault.com
  • cvdrbackup1.blob.core.windows.net

Upload and access DR Backups from the Cloud Services website.

Download Software from CommCell Console

  • autoupdate.commvault.com
  • cloud.commvault.com
  • downloadcenter.commvault.com

Download software to install, update, or upgrade your client computers.

Send Log Files


Send log files to Commvault for troubleshooting purposes.

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