Configuring the Floating Host Name on an Existing MediaAgent Host

If the MediaAgent computer already exists, configure the floating MediaAgent host name using the existing MediaAgent host name. In this procedure, the floating host name is configured by using the Windows DNS server.


  1. To rename a MediaAgent computer, complete the following steps:
    1. If there are any running jobs that use the MediaAgent, suspend the jobs or wait for the jobs to complete. See Suspending a Job.
    2. Rename the existing computer host name. See Microsoft manual to change the computer host name of a Windows Server. If the client name and host name are different from the computer host name, then skip this step.
    3. Restart the computer.

    After restart, the computer name is renamed to the new name, but theMediaAgent software still uses the old host name. The old name will be used as a floating host name during this set up.

  2. Define the floating host name and map it to the IP address of the MediaAgent host.

    For example, to define the floating host name, create a DNS record with a virtual host name and IP address of the MediaAgent host. For more information on creating a DNS record, refer to the documentation associated with DNS software implemented in your environment.

Last modified: 10/22/2019 8:21:37 PM