Running a Workflow from the Web Console

Workflows designed to interact with users do so through the Web Console Forms application. Using workflow forms, you can retrieve input data from users and provide feedback messages to them while your workflow runs. For information on the activities used in workflow forms, see Activities - User Interaction.

Note: Workflows must be deployed before they can be executed. For instructions on deploying a workflow, see Deploying a Workflow.


Forms Application

Workflows can be executed from the Web Console by clicking the Forms link on the My Applications page. For additional instructions, see Forms - Web Console.

Use the following check list to make sure your workflows appear as expected in the Web Console:

  • Workflows are deployed.
  • The correct permissions are set for the target users or user groups. For details on workflow permissions, see Configuring Workflow Permissions.


Workflows can be executed using a Web Console URL, for example, http://client.mydomain.com/webconsole/forms/?workflowName=Demo%20-%20New%20Machine%20Request&name=scsdfcd&Memory=16&Disk=500&software=Backup&software=Outlook&_submit=true.




Note: Special characters and spaces must be encoded before they are sent in the request.




The name of the workflow.


The ID for the workflow. The ID parameter is not required, but it is used if an incorrect Workflow name is provided. To obtain the ID, go to the Forms application in the Web Console and hover over the name of the Workflow.


The value of the workflow input needed to execute the workflow. Use the following format for the input names and input values:



  • Each input name and value is separated from the next input name and value with an ampersand (&)
  • input_name_1 to input_name_N are the workflow inputs
  • input_value is the value for the workflow input

    For example:



Defines how the workflow inputs are handled.

Valid values are:

  • true, the Workflow runs with the inputs provided in the URL
  • false, a user input dialog box appears with the workflow inputs prepopulated

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