Workflow Engine Selection

When workflows are executed from the Web Console, the workflow engine is automatically selected for the user. If the workflow is deployed on multiple workflow engines, then the following priority order is used to select the engine:

Condition 1: If the workflow engine is installed on the Web Server computer, then this workflow engine is selected.

Condition 2: If Condition 1 is not met, then preference is given to a workflow engine that is not installed on the CommServe computer.

  • If multiple engines are found for Condition 2, the engine with the latest deployed version of the workflow is selected.
  • If multiple engines have the latest deployed version, the engine is selected using the alphabetical order of the client names.

Condition 3: If Condition 2 is not met, then the workflow engine installed on the CommServe computer is selected.

Last modified: 4/30/2019 4:05:22 PM