Cluster Configuration - Prerequisites

Before you install the Commvault software in a cluster environment, review the following prerequisites and requirements.

Verify System Requirements

Verify that the computer in which you want to install the software satisfies the minimum requirements specified in System Requirements.

Download the Software

Download the latest Commvault software using the Download Manager application. The Download Manager bundles an installation package from the Commvault components that you chose to download. Use the installation package to launch the software installer on a client computer.

For instructions, use one of the following procedures:

Verify Network TCP Port Requirements

For a given cluster server, the MediaAgent, Agent, or other software component installed on every physical node in a cluster which is configured to host that cluster server must have the same port numbers configured. Thus, if you have a cluster server VS1, and three physical computers configured to host VS1, then all the three computers must have the same Network TCP port numbers configured for the network interface used by VS1. For greater detail, consider this example:

  • Node A is configured to host cluster server VS1. Instance001 has the an Agent installed to protect application data on VS1; during install, Port 8502 was specified for the Communications Service (CVD) and Port 8503 was specified for the Client Manager Service (ClMgrS).
  • Node B is also configured to host VS1. Instance001 has the same Agent installed to protect the application data on VS1; during the Agent install, Port 8502 must be specified for the Communications Service (CVD) and Port 8503 must be specified for the Client Manager Service (ClMgrS) to match the Network TCP port number configuration of Node A.

Verify License Requirements

Depending on the cluster type (Windows or Unix), the following table shows the file system and cluster licenses needed for the physical computer associated with the cluster group client:


License Type


IBM AIX File System

Server File System

  • IBM PowerHA for AIX (formerly HACMP) Cluster
  • VERITAS Cluster for IBM AIX

Cluster Group


HP-UX File System

Server File System

VERITAS Cluster for HP-UX

Cluster Group


Linux File System

Server File System

  • Red Hat Linux Cluster
  • VERITAS Cluster for Linux

Cluster Group


Sun Solaris File System

Server File System

  • Solaris Sun Cluster
  • VERITAS Cluster for Solaris

Cluster Group


Microsoft Windows File System (Server Class)

Server File system

Microsoft Windows File System (Cluster)

Cluster Group


You must have a license for each physical and virtual node where the MediaAgent is installed. If you do not plan to use the MediaAgent on the physical nodes, install the MediaAgent as a Restore Only Agent, which does not consume a license.

MediaAgent (Windows or UNIX)



If you have a cluster environment configured with the SAP HANA application, you must obtain the following license:


Application Class 3


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