Defining Activity Inputs

The inputs for an activity are defined in the Inputs tab of the activity properties. Each activity in the Workflow has its own set of inputs. To view the inputs available for an activity, see Available Built-In Activities.


  1. From the workflow design area, right-click the activity and then click Properties.

    The activity property dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Inputs tab.

    Note: For some user interaction activities, the inputs are defined on the Data subtab.

  3. Define the input for the activity.

    Note: To set a variable, a java object, or other expressions, see Defining Activity Inputs Using Expressions for more information.

  4. Click OK.


The CheckReady activity checks if a client is accessible. Set the following inputs in the Value column:

  • For the client input, select the name of the client you want to check.
  • For the reportType input, select the type of readiness report you want to produce, for example, Summary.

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