Viewing the System Variables of an Activity

Each activity in a Workflow has system variables. These variables can be called by other activities in the Workflow. For example, the status variable tracks the activity status and can be used to trigger a specific condition in another activity.


  1. From the workflow design area, right-click the activity, and then click Properties.

    The activity property dialog box appears.

  2. On the System tab, view the variables that are common for all the activities:
    • startTime: provides the date and time when the activity started to run.
    • endTime: provides the date and time when the activity finished to run.
    • status: provides the status of the activity after runtime. For example, the activity completes with a FAILED status.
    • timedOut: provides a boolean value (true/false) that tells if the activity was timed out or not.

Last modified: 11/25/2019 9:57:02 PM