Debugging Workflow Scripts

When adding a complex script to a workflow activity, use debug mode to develop the script by modifying the script and retrying it without starting the workflow from the beginning.

Before You Begin

Review how to debug workflows in Debugging Workflows.


  1. Set a breakpoint on the activity where you are adding the script.

    For information on breakpoints, see Setting Workflow Breakpoints.

  2. In the workflow editor window, click Debug to start stepping through the workflow activities.
  3. When the breakpoint on the activity is reached, add your script to the activity.

    For information on using scripts in workflows, see Specifying Java or JavaScript Code.

  4. To test the script, click Retry.
  5. Continue to modify and retry the script as needed.
  6. Optional: Test the interaction of prior activities with the script without restarting the workflow with new inputs. Select any activity prior to the script activity and click Set Activity to start stepping through the workflow at the selected activity.
  7. To exit debug mode, click Stop.

    For information on other commands available in the debug menu, see Workflow Debug Mode - Online Help.

Last modified: 11/25/2019 10:17:34 PM