Setting Up the Documentation Web Site for Offline Access

Applies To: Windows computers

You can use the documentation package as an offline version of the live documentation.

Before You Begin

  • You must have a 64-bit Java 8 (JRE 1.8), or a later Java version, installed on your local computer. To download the Java software, see the Oracle website. If you already have Java installed on your computer, use the following command to check the version currently installed:

    java -version

  • Download and extract the documentation package.


  1. Open the command prompt and navigate to location_of_extracted_files/bin.

    Tip: If you are not a user with administrative privileges, we recommend that you run the command prompt as an administrator to prevent errors during the setup process.

  2. Run the following command to set up the documentation website for offline access:

    startService.bat -instance_name Instance001 -service_name "CommvaultOfflineDocs" -service_display_name "Commvault Offline Docs v11" -start_params "start;-port;8080;-cv.solr.jetty.deployall;true;-sysprop.hosted.mode;offline"

    port is an available HTTP port. If port 8080 is being used by other applications, specify a different port number.

    A message appears that tells you that Instance001 was started successfully. For example:

    "CommvaultOfflineDocs(Instance001)" is started.
    Fri 03/28/2014_20:13:53.58 startService completes.

  3. Open your Web browser and type the web address in the following format:


    For example, http://localhost:8080/v11_sp11.

  4. If a message states "Web page not available", retry after a few seconds.

    You can now read the documentation pages in the same way that you do on our Documentation website.

Last modified: 4/16/2021 8:34:01 PM