CommCell Migration - Troubleshooting

The following section provides information on some of the troubleshooting scenarios related to CommCell Migration:

Merge Failure

Import operation fails with the following error:

[DBErr] Message: BarCode Collision on [n] Media. Please change the following barcode on either Destination or Source CommCell first.

This error message appears when the source CommCell and destination CommCell have tapes with same barcode.

If two tapes have same barcode, change the barcode of tape in the source CommCell or in the destination CommCell and perform the import operation again.

Export Failure

Export operation fails with the following example error in the CCMManager.log file located in the <software installation directory>\ContentStore\Log Files directory:

INFO: [Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK__#subclie__A6932D4CC00E1A8B'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.#subclientlist'. The duplicate key value is (208, 76).] [RecNum:1, Object:CCM_Capture_Set_Priority, State:23000, NativeErr:2627, Proc:CCM_Capture_Set_Priority, RowNum:1, Severity:14, LineNum:286, Spid:-1]

CVSimpleDB::SQLINFO() - INFO: [The statement has been terminated.] [RecNum:2, LineNum:286, Spid:-1].

This error message appears when you select an Indexing V2 pseudoclient during the export operation.

To perform the export operation successfully, select the virtual machine that you backed up with the pseudoclient instead of the pseudoclient.

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