Setting Up Alert Notifications to Save to a Local Drive, a Network Share, or the Cloud

You can send an alert notification to a local directory, a network share, or the Cloud Services Portal. This is useful if you want to obtain a list of failed attempts in an operation. The alert notifications that are saved to a local directory are automatically pruned after 20 days.

Before You Begin

To send an alert notification to the Cloud Services Portal, enable data collection for each CommServe server in your organization. For instructions, see Activating Cloud Metrics Reports.


  1. Create an alert.

    Important: Do not use special characters in the Display Name box because the name of the alert is used in the file path when the alert is saved to a disk.
    For Windows file naming conventions, go to the Windows Dev Center - Desktop website, Naming Files, Paths, and Namespaces - Naming Conventions.

  2. On the Notification Type(s) Selection page, click the Save to tab.
  3. Select Select [Save to] for notification.
  4. Click TEXT to create a text-based alert.
  5. Choose where you want to save the alert notification:
    • To save to a local drive, click Use local drive, and specify the folder path where the alerts must be saved.

      By default, alerts are saved in the following folder structure: software_installation_path\Commvault\ContentStore\alerts\ alert_name\Day-DD-Mmm-YYYY-HH-MM-SS. Under the date/time folder, the alerts are named alert001, alert002, and so on. This image is an example of the alerts folder structure:

    • To save to network share, click Use Network Share.
      • In Location, enter a file path.
      • To provide the account information to access the network share, click Change.
    • To save to the Cloud Services Portal for use in the CommCell Alerts Report, click Cloud.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Review your selections on the Summary page.
  8. Click Finish.

Example of an Alert Notification

The following is an example of a "Save to" alert notification:

Alert: Client_Properties Type: Configuration - Clients
Alert: Client_Properties
Type: Configuration - Clients
Detected Criteria: Properties Modified
Detected Time: Mon Feb 27 10:13:02 2017
CommCell: winter
User: Administrator

Property Modifications:
Status: Modified
Client: winter
Agent Type: Not Applicable
Instance: Not Applicable
Backup Set: Not Applicable
Subclient: Not Applicable

Update Client properties
Client: winter
Client Description: Set to [text description of a client]


The alerts are saved in the selected location for a default retention period of 20 days, before being pruned.

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