Setting Up Workflow Alert Notifications

Alerts can be configured to run a workflow if the user who creates the alert has the Execute Workflow permission on the selected workflow. For information about workflows, see Workflow Overview.

Note: If the alert running the workflow is edited and another workflow is selected, the user modifying the alert and the user who created the alert must have the Execute Workflow permission on the workflow.


  1. Create an alert.
  2. On the Notification Type(s) Selection page, click the Workflow tab to enable the alert to execute a workflow.
  3. Click the Select [Workflow] for notification check box.
  4. Select a workflow from the Workflow to run list.

    A table with Name, Value, and Type columns is displayed. The Name and Type columns are populated with inputs defined in the workflow.

  5. In the Value column, select a value for the input from the list, or type a value for the input.

    The list is a list of the available alert tokens. See Available Alert Tokens for the list of available tokens.

  6. Click Reset All to reset the value of an input.
  7. From the Run workflow on list, pick a workflow engine to run the workflow:
    • To run the workflow using a specific engine, click that engine.
    • To run the workflow using the engine with the latest deployed version of the workflow, click Any.
  8. Review your selections on the Summary page.
  9. Click Finish.

Last modified: 10/13/2017 11:34:18 AM