The CommCellLibraryReservInfo view provides information about active jobs and their respective media and drive reservation details.



jobId [reservId | OP]

The job reserving the resource, its unique reservation ID number, and operation (e.g., backup, restore).

MA [status]

The name of the associated MediaAgent and its status.

libAlias [libName | libStatus | barcodeReaderPresent]

The alternative name assigned the library, the library name, its status (e.g., online) and if there is a barcode reader.

[driveName | driveStatus]

The alternative name assigned the drive in the library, the actual drive name and its status (e.g., online).

driveMountStatus [numMount| numBackup | numRestore]

The number of mounts, backups, and restores for the drive.

barcode | type

The barcode reader and its type.


The elapsed time of the reservation.

Last modified: 1/30/2018 3:45:24 PM