Use this tab to select advanced backup media options for the operation.

Start New Media

This option starts the backup operation on a new media, which causes the following to occur:

  • If removable media is used, the current active media is marked as Appendable and a new media is used for the backup/migration/archive.
  • If disk media is used, a new volume folder is created for the backup/migration/archive.

If cleared, the operation automatically uses the current active media or volume.

Mark Media Full On Success

This option marks media full, 2 minutes after the completion of the backup operation. If any jobs are initiated within the 2 minutes, they are allowed to write to the media. If the job was associated with the prior media, new media (such as a new tape) will be used for subsequent jobs. (Applies to all backup types.)

Allow other Schedule to use Media Set

This option allows jobs that are part of a schedule policy or schedule and using a specific storage policy to start a new media and also prevent other jobs from writing to the set of media. It is available only when the Start New Media and Mark Media Full options are enabled, and can be used in the following situations:

  • When one scheduled job initiates several jobs and you only want to start new media on the first job.
  • When you want to target specific backups to a media, or a set of media if multiple streams are used.

Extend Job Retention

  • Storage Policy Default: Select this option to apply the retention rules of the associated storage policy, which is the default option.
  • Infinite: Select this option to retain this job indefinitely.
  • For n Days: Select this option to prune this job after the specified number of days. Make sure that the value you specify in the For n Days box is greater than the number of days specified in the storage policy copy retention.

Retention Applicable On

Select the copies in the storage policy for which you want to apply the job retention selected above.

  • Primary

    Select this option to apply the job retention only to the primary storage policy copy of the storage policy.

  • All Copies

    Select this option to apply the job retention to all the storage policy copies in the storage policy.

  • Select Copies

    Select this option to apply the job retention to specific storage policy copies, and then select the copies from the list of copies that appear below.

Last modified: 3/8/2019 10:43:45 AM