Contents of Media/Mount Path

Use this dialog box to view the contents of a media or a disk mount path.

The following information is displayed for the each of the jobs associated with the data on the media.

  • Job ID

    The number allocated by the Job Manager for the data protection job.

  • Status

    The current status of the data. (Completed, Failed, Killed, Partial or Active if the job is in progress.)

  • Client

    The client computer that performed the data protection operation.

  • DataAgent

    The agent that performed the data protection operation.

  • Instance

    The level in the CommCell Browser that represents the database that was backed up.

  • Backup set

    The backup set under which the operation was performed.

  • Subclient

    The subclient that performed the data protection operation.

  • Backup Level

    The type of backup that was conducted. (full, incremental, differential, synthetic full, etc.)

  • Cycles/Sequences

    The cycle number/sequence number of the data protection operation.

  • Archive File Type

    The type of data in the archive file. (Data or Log)

  • Backup Time

    The date and time when the data protection operation was completed.

  • Retain Until

    The time until which the data on the media should be retained.

  • Side

    The side of the media used by the data protection operation.

  • Archive File

    The archive file name generated by the application.

    Applies only to Oracle, DB2, Informix, SAP for Oracle, SAP for MAXDB and Sybase iDataAgents. (For other agents, this column will appear blank.)

  • Storage policy Copy

    The storage policy copy associated with the backup job.

  • Data Written

    The size of the data stored in the media for the corresponding archive file.

  • Size of Application

    The size of the data that is backed up from a client computer. Note that application size may not always be identical to the size reported by file or database management tools.

  • Size of the Backup

    The size of the backup job (application data and index).

Last modified: 3/1/2018 8:28:40 PM