Media Refresh Options (General)

Use this dialog box to select options for media refresh.

Copy Selection

Select a Storage Policy

Select the storage policy copy for which you wish to refresh the media.

  • All Copies

    Click this option to select all the copies within the storage policy.

  • Select a Copy

    Click this option and select the desired storage policy copy.

Select Source MediaAgent

Allows you to select the source MediaAgent using which you will run the media refresh job. (Applicable for copies that are configured with a shared library only.)

Number of Readers

Configure the number of data readers for media refresh.

  • Number of Streams

    Click this option and select the desired number of streams to be used for media refresh.

  • Allow Maximum

    Click this option to use the maximum number of streams allowed for the storage policy.

Start New media

If selected, the currently active media is marked as full and a new media is used for the media refresh job.

Use Active-Appendable Media of Source Copy

Select this option to use the active and appendable media associated with the source storage policy copy. If you select this option along with Start New Media option, then Start New Media option takes precedence.

Mark Media Full On Success

If selected, the media used for the refresh job is marked full after the operation is successfully completed.

Save as a Script

Click to save the job options in a script.


Click to select additional options.

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