FTP/SFTP Upload Settings Dialog Box

You can use the FTP/SFTP Upload Settings dialog box to specify the location and log-on credentials for a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server or a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server where you save report output files. These settings do not affect the default FTP or SFTP server settings that are configured in the Control Panel for other operations in the CommCell environment.

If you configure a different FTP server or SFTP server other than the default, your settings are not saved and used when you generate reports in the future. However, you can schedule a report to save to a different FTP or SFTP location when the scheduled report generates.

  • Use Alternate FTP/SFTP Server: To use a different FTP or SFTP Server location for report output, select this option.
  • FTP: To use an FTP sever, select this option.
  • SFTP: To use an SFTP server, select this option.
  • Location: Enter the FTP or SFTP server where the report will be saved.
  • User Name: Enter a valid user name on the FTP or SFTP server in order for the report to be saved.
  • Password: Enter a valid password for the user name on the FTP or SFTP server.
  • Confirm Password: Enter the password again for the user name on the FTP or SFTP server.

Last modified: 4/22/2019 3:08:46 PM