Space Check

Space Check monitors available disk space for the following:

  • CommServe Database
  • Software Installation and System Directories
  • All Disk Drives on computers with ContinuousDataReplicator (CDR) installed

The CommServe Database is monitored for insufficient disk space every hour, but this is configurable. The disk space limit for the CommServe database can be configured and events can be generated in the event viewer based on those limits. The events are the sent with information as well as the minor, major, and critical severity levels.

Software Installation and System Directories are monitored at these intervals:

  • Every six hours on the CommServe
  • Once per day on the remote machines
  • Whenever services are started on any computer in the CommCell

For computers with ContinuousDataReplicator installed, additional monitoring must be performed to avoid deletion of snapshots:

  • For Windows computers, all volumes and mount points on the client computers are checked verify that the source computer is not running out of disk space. If disk space is found low, replication activity is aborted.
  • For Unix computers, opt, tmp, var and the log volumes are monitored. If you are using QSnap, the COW cache volume is also monitored.

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Last modified: 10/13/2017 8:01:35 AM