Delete Backup and Archive Data

Use this dialog box to schedule or initiate a job to delete backup or archive data.

Selected Paths

Displays the paths of data objects that will be deleted (e.g., files, public folder items, etc.).

Mailboxes / Folders / Messages to be deleted

Displays the mailbox data (type, mailbox, folder, sender, receiver, date, subject) that will be deleted.


Click to open the browse options dialog box to specify a browse time range, and to access a browse selection window to specify a path or data object that will be deleted.


Click to open a dialog box to enter a path that will be deleted. (This option is not applicable for Exchange Agents).


Click to remove a selected data object from the display pane so that it will not be deleted.

Configure Alert

Provides the necessary options to configure the alerts associated with the delete data operation.

  • Alert

    Displays the currently configured alert.

  • Add/Modify Alert

    When clicked, opens the Alert Wizard to configure necessary alerts for this operation.

  • Delete Alert

    When clicked, deletes any existing alerts that are already configured.


Click to access the Schedule Details dialog to schedule this delete data job. If not scheduled, the job will run immediately by default.

Save As Script

Click to open the Save As Script dialog, which allows you to save this operation and the selected options as a script file (in XML format). The script can later be executed from the Command Line Interface using qoperation execute command.

When you save an operation as a script, each option in the dialog will have a corresponding XML parameter in the script file. When executing the script, you can modify the value for any of these XML parameters as needed.


Last modified: 2/25/2019 7:04:08 PM