Manage Site (Details)

Use this dialog box to define a content repository.


Displays the directory path of the site. This is the repository on the server where the files are uploaded. Note that the site path must be entered in the following format: /main_site1

Site Name

Displays the friendly name for the site.

Security XML

Displays the security XML version with the Doc Status, Boundary and DocProt.

External Identification

Enter the third-party applications identification here.

Content Indexing

Check the box to enable Content Indexing.

Retention Days

Displays the retention period for the site. 

  • Infinite

    Specifies that data will be retained for an infinite amount of time.

  • Retain for n days

    Specifies the length of the retention period.

Note that this retention period can be overwritten by the subclient's associated storage policy copy's defined retention if defined for a longer period, unless it is overwritten by pinning the job.


Select the subclient associated with the site from the list.

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