Setting Up the System Monitoring Application

You can search and analyze data by using the System Monitoring application available from the Web Console. In the application, dashboards provide graphical representations of the activity in your environment and consolidate the activity on a single screen so that you can monitor it at a glance. To set up the System Monitoring application, you must install the Web Console, configure the Index Server, and create a monitoring policy.

You can use the System Monitoring application to perform the following operations:

Search and Analyze Data

You can search and analyze data that has been content indexed by monitoring policies. Search criteria is automatically saved and can be reused when required.

Save Search Criteria

You can choose to save your search results as tables or graphs. You can add the tables and graphs to the home screen of the dashboard.

Visualize Data

You can quickly view user activity using the predefined Activity Monitoring dashboard. The Activity Monitoring dashboard displays a collection of widgets that contain charts depicts data from the options set in your Activity Monitoring monitoring policy.

View System Monitoring Reports

The reports created using System Monitoring Policy data sets appear under the Solutions tab. To create reports from the System Monitoring application, click Visualize at the upper right of the Search page.

For information on creating reports, see Building and Deploying Reports.

Process Flow

Use the following actions to set up the application:

  1. Installing the Command Center.
  2. Distribute the Web Console URL to users who need access to the application.
  3. Configure the Index Server.
  4. Creating a Monitoring Policy for System Monitoring.

Last modified: 10/13/2017 11:34:44 AM