Advanced Client Properties (General)

Use this dialog box to configure properties for a client.

All the options that are described in this topic might not be available for the selected client. The options that appear in the dialog box apply to the component installed on the client.

Enable IntelliSnap

Select this check box to enable the IntelliSnap for the client. Once you enable the IntelliSnap, you can configure a subclient for IntelliSnap backup.

Block Level Client Cache Directory

The path to the staging folder used when a live browse operation is performed. For information about the staging folder requirements for AIX and Linux, see Configuring Live Browse on AIX and Linux. For information about the staging folder requirements for Windows, see Configuring Live Browse for Block-level Backups on Windows Computers.

Note: Before relocating cache, verify that no block-level browse and restore jobs are running. After the client cache directory is changed, you must restart the services and manually clear the old cache on the client computer.

To create instant clones using Commvault iSCSI server, type the volume mount path that you will use as the cache for the iSCSI server. The size of the volume is based on the amount of data involved in the clone. For information on the iSCSI server requirements, see System Requirements for iSCSI Server for Instant Clones.

CDR Log File Location

Type the path or click Browse to specify the location of the Continuous Data Replicator (CDR) log files and how often the logs must be replayed. CDR performs replication by logging all activities in the source computer and replaying the log in the destination computer.

Enter Alternate Cache Partition for QSnap. Please ensure that the volume specified is an NTFS volume.

Use this space to change the location of the QSnap Copy-on-Write (COW) cache for all volumes on the client.


  • Specify the drive letter without a slash. For example, type F: to use drive F as the alternate cache location. Mount paths are not supported.
  • For Windows platforms, you can only specify an NTFS volume as a cache volume.

ContentStore Mail Server Role

Applies to: Exchange Mailbox Agent, OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic)

If you use the ContentStore Mail Server, you must specify the role, depending on which agent you use. The default value is None.

Exclude from SLA and Strike Counts

When this option is selected, the client is excluded from the SLA (Service Level Agreement) calculation and the Client Strike calculation for the Worldwide Dashboard, CommCell Dashboard, SLA Report, and Client Strike Count Report. When this option is cleared, the client is included in these calculations.

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