Import Media - Getting Started

Use following steps to import media using the library mail slot.

Before You Begin

  • Do not open the library door if media is mounted in drives. Some library models (for example, ATL 200, ATL 500) will unmount the media when the door is opened, even those media that are in active use. This might cause problems with the database. In addition, it can cause any jobs that are running to fail.
  • On some library models, inserting media and closing the mail slots might trigger a full inventory operation, rather than an inventory update.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click the library (or the scratch pool of the library) into which you want to import media, and then click Import Media from the short-cut menu.

    Note: All the newly imported media will be automatically moved to the default scratch pool, if the Enable Auto-Discover Media into default scratch pool option is enabled in the Media tab of Library Properties dialog box, . Use the Move Media option to move the media to another scratch pool. If you have cleaning media make sure that you move it to the Cleaning Media pool.

  2. An Import Media prompt appears, advising you to do one of the following:
    • If you are importing through a mail slot, insert one or more media into the mail slot and wait for them to be moved to storage slots. Do not click OK until all of the imported media have been moved to storage slots.

      Note: If you click OK in the Insert Media prompt before the media are moved to storage slots, the MediaAgent will not discover the media. For information on discovering media, see Discover Media from the CommCell Console.

      After all media are transferred to storage slots, click OK in the Import Media prompt.

    • If you are inserting media directly, open the library door, insert media into storage slots, and then close the door. Click OK in the Import Media prompt.
  3. A warning message is displayed to move cleaning media to cleaning media pool. Click OK.
  4. If the imported media were previously discovered, their barcodes are displayed in the library inventory in the right pane of the CommCell Browser. Otherwise, the media must be discovered.
    • If you imported undiscovered media through the mail slot (and you did not click OK in the Insert Media prompt until the media were moved to storage slots), the MediaAgent automatically discovers the media. In the Select Media Type dialog box that appears, select the hardware type of the new media from the Media Type to be Imported list and the scratch pool to which you want the media assigned from the Destination Scratch Pool list. The total number of undiscovered media available in the library is displayed in the No. of media in Free Media Pool field. Specify the number of media you would like to discover in the No. of media to be discovered field. Click OK.
    • If you opened the library door and inserted media directly, or if you imported through a mail slot and clicked OK before the media were moved to storage slots, you must manually discover media as described in Discover Media from the CommCell Console.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 8:26:48 PM