Continuous Monitoring Status (Client)

Use this dialog box to view and manage clients associated with monitoring policies that were configured for continuous monitoring.

You can right-click a client to suspend or resume the continuous monitoring job.

Client Name

Lists the client computers monitored by policies that have the continuous monitoring configuration enabled.


Displays the monitoring status for each client. If the status is green, the monitoring job is active. However, if the status is yellow, the monitoring job is suspended.

Last Job Update Time

Displays the date and time when the last monitoring job took place for each client.

Monitoring Policy Name (Number of Files Processed)

Displays the name of the monitoring policy to which the client is associated, as well as the number of log files that are processed. In case of a Hyper-V monitoring policy, the number of virtual machines in the Hyper-V server that are monitored by the policy is displayed.

Last modified: 2/20/2019 10:33:05 PM