Create Template Wizard: Template Discovery

Use this page in the wizard to discover the columns of a specific log file to help you define the template properties.

File Path

The location of the log file which has the structure that you want to define in the template. The wizard will use the log file to discover the columns defined in the log.

Click Browse to easily locate the file.

Read Lines From/To

The range of lines you want to read from the specified log file.


Provides a list of delimiting characters. Select the check box of the delimiting characters that are used in the log file to separate each column.

If the delimiting character is not provided as a check box, select the Other check box and specify the character. For example, #, -, or @.

  • Treat consecutive delimiters as one

    When selected, consecutive delimiting characters are treated as a single delimiter.

Number of lines in log file header

The number of lines defined in the header of the specified log file. This number must be less than the value specified in the Read lines From box.

Type of log file to be monitored

Lists the available types of log files. If your log file extension is not listed, select All Files (*.*).


Last modified: 2/20/2019 10:33:04 PM