Report Selection - CommCell Configuration (General)

Use this dialog box to select the filter criteria to be included in the CommCell Configuration Report.

The individual filter criteria are listed below.


  • CommCell

    Displays the complete configuration details of the CommCell.

  • Alerts

    Displays the alert type, alert configuration details and user names configured to receive alerts.

  • Backup Networks

    Displays the backup networks (formerly called data interface pairs) configured for the CommCell.

  • Remote Software Cache

    Displays the designated CommServe Update Cache as well as the other configured update caches (Multicache Configuration). Details include the OS name, package name, service pack version and the respective updates.

  • User/User Groups

    Displays the users created under the various user groups together with their rights and authentications.

  • Subclient Policy

    Displays the type of Storage Policy, the user associated with it and the rights of the users.

  • Search Engine Information

    Displays property information on the Search Engine.

  • Administrative Schedules

    Displays the types of jobs that are run, their schedule, time zones they are set in and their destination paths.

  • Client Properties

    Displays all information about client properties.

  • Update Service Pack Information

    Displays all software updates and service packs that are installed on the CommServe computer.

  • Outlook/Lotus Notes Add-in Clients

    Displays a list of email clients installed on the CommCell.

  • Registry Keys

    Displays the Registry Keys table that includes the settings configured for each registry key set on the CommServe computer.

  • Pre-processes and Post-processes

    Displays the pre and post-processes configured on the CommServe computer.

  • Data Loss Protection

    Displays information for laptops with Data Loss Prevention enabled.


  • Licenses

    Displays the general License information for the CommCell.

  • License Details

    Displays the license details like their expiration dates, installation dates etc.

Allow Dynamic Content

Allows user to have collapsible view of other client properties.

Save As

Click to save the selected options as a report template or as a script file.

When you save the operation as a script, each option in the dialog will have a corresponding xml parameter in the script file. When executing the script, you can modify the value for any of these XML parameters as needed.


Last modified: 8/25/2020 2:04:49 PM