Adding the Navisphere CLI User Security to the System Account

To add the Navisphere CLI user security to the System account, use the PsTools software.


  1. Download PsTools from Microsoft TechNet.
  2. Start the command prompt, and then change the directory to PsTools by typing the following command:

    psexec -i -s cmd.exe

    A command prompt with system privileges appears.

  3. Add the user security by typing the following commands:

    NaviSECCli -AddUserSecurity -Address <clariion SPA IP> -Scope 0 -User admin -Password password

    NaviSECCli -AddUserSecurity -Address <clariion SPB IP> -Scope 0 -User admin -Password password

  4. Run a sample NaviSECCLI command. For example, type the following commands:

    NaviSECCli -h < Storage Processor IP> snap -feature -info

  5. If the command requests certification, accept and store the certification.

    If the command does not request certification, then the snap backup job might not complete successfully.

  6. Exit the system command prompt.

Last modified: 3/14/2019 3:37:02 PM