Authorizing the CLARiiON Connectivity

To ensure administrator access to the Navisphere server, specify the authorization information for the EMC Solutions Enabler and the Navishphere CLI.

Before You Begin

  • If you are using the Remote Snap MediaAgent, execute the following procedure only on the Remote Snap MediaAgent, and map at least one LUN to the proxy computer and to the Remote Snap MediaAgent.
  • You need to create a host database file.

    For more information, see host database file.

  • To issue the following commands, you must have a valid user account on the storage system. In Windows systems, IntelliSnap runs under the System account.


  1. From the command line, on the client computer and on the proxy computer, type the following command lines:

    symcfg authorization add -host storage_processor_a_IP -username admin -password password

    symcfg authorization add -host storage_processor_b_IP -username admin -password password

  2. To load the CLARiiON host database, type the following command:

    symcfg discover -clariion -file AsstDiscoFile

    where AsstDiscoFile is the CLARiiON host database file.

  3. With one of the following systems, create a Navisphere user security file:
  • On UNIX computers
  • Windows Systems


  • If you don't execute the steps correctly, then the Navisphere CLI commands fail with the 'security file not found' error.
  • The CLARiiON storage array accepts secure CLI commands from hosts that have a Navisphere user security file, so you can issue CLI commands from the computers where you created the user security file.

Last modified: 3/1/2019 11:58:23 PM