FILE_PICKER Control Type

You can select the FILE_PICKER control type to customize binary inputs at the Workflow level and the activity level. The FILE_PICKER control type is used to upload a file to send into the workflow.

After a file is uploaded, it is stored in the Job Results directory. For information on the Job Results directory, see Job Results Directory Overview.

Files in Your Workflow

In the Workflow, the uploaded file is converted into a java.io.File object so that the file and the data inside it can be accessed. For information on the java.io.File class, see java.io Class File on the Oracle website.


The following are examples of how to use an uploaded file in your workflow.


If you use the java.io.File object in a script, you can:

  • access members of the java.io.File class for information about the file
  • load the object into a FileReader class and get the contents of the file

The first example is for an input that is a list, and the second example is for an input that is not a list:

  • File file = xpath:{/workflow/inputs/file}.firstElement();
  • File file = xpath:{/workflow/inputs/file};


You can insert your file into an Email activity so that the file is attached and sent with the email. On the Inputs tab of the Email activity in the Attachment box, add the file as a variable.

For example: xpath:{/workflow/inputs/file}

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