FlexFrame™ - Post Install Considerations

After installing the agent, perform the following configurations on the client computer:

  • Group permissions on Commvault registry cannot be set properly if Commvault software is installed on the FlexFrame client with only the default options selected. This is because Commvault registry path is a symbolic link to the absolute path. As a result, backups and restores do not run properly. To avoid this issue, manual group association to the absolute path of Commvault registry is required.

    For example:

    /etc/CommvaultRegistry is a symbolic link to the absolute path /addon/commvault_host/etc/CommvaultRegistry.

    Post install, you should manually setup the group level permission on the absolute path of the Commvault registry as mentioned below:

    chgrp -R commvault /addon/commvault_host/etc/CommvaultRegistry

    In the above example, commvault is the group provided post install.

  • If the /usr directory is mounted as read-only, then Commvault Services can be started and stopped from the base directory.
  • During the software installation, Unix File System iDataAgent gets automatically installed. However, no license is consumed for this.

    To activate Unix File System properties, you will need to reconfigure the iDataAgent. This operation will consume a license. For step-by-step instructions to reconfigure, see Reconfiguring Components.


Last modified: 8/12/2019 9:03:10 PM