Creating a Snapshot Copy for OSDP C-Mode


The OSDP feature is deprecated from the Commvault software in V11 SP15.

See End-of-Life, Deprecated and Extended Support - Features for information about deprecated features.

Before You Begin

If you have not created an OSDP storage policy yet, create one by Creating an OSDP Storage Policy for OSDP C-Mode.

Snapshot copies can be created for the topologies listed in the following table:


Source Copy





For the Library drop-down list below, select disk libraries that use CIFS or NFS share or a LUN on the file server.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Policies >Storage Policies > storage policy.

    Right-click the storage policy, point to All Tasks, and then click Create New Snapshot Copy.

    The Snap Copy Properties dialog box appears.

  2. In the Copy Name box, type a name for the snapshot copy.

    From the Library and MediaAgent lists, select a Library and a MediaAgent, respectively.

    The Mirror check box for the protection type is selected by default.

  3. On the Copy Policy tab, click Specify Source for Auxiliary Copy to select the source copy.
  4. On the Provisioning tab, click Refresh to display the entities.

    From the Provisioning Policy drop-down list, select the provisioning policy.

  5. In the Resource Pools area, select resource pools from the Available list.
    • Under Available, select one or more resource pools from the list, and then click Add.
    • To add all resource pools, click Add All.

    The selected resource pools appear on the Selected list.

  6. Click OK to create the secondary snapshot copy.

Last modified: 3/12/2019 9:56:28 PM